Monday, 25 May 2009

Bungle in the Jungle

This is a short video of the Rumble in the Jungle that my blog refused to upload this afternoon.

Howdey Howtown

It was planned to do a long route over at Coniston, but I under estimated the lenght, so I informed poor Mountainmanjunior of a change of route at 07:00am in the morning. Poor chap, I think he was dissappointed. So, it was 6 Wainwrights in Howtown, Ullswater.

The day was supposed to be bright and sunny, but a lot of cloud and cool breeze didn't look like it was going to be blazing hot as we set off from the bottom of Hallin Fell. I've done the route before but cannot remember much about it.

We arrived at a small footbridge and looked up at Swarthbeck Gill, for some reason that usually happens to me, I said, "Fancy climbing that?", "yep" came the reply.

So we started a scramble that was definetly harder then Sharp Edge or Stridding Edge. It looked like it was hardly ever climbed and there was at least 3 bad steps with loose rock, gorse and moss covered rock. Once up, the rest of the route was normal with the sun now shining a bit brighter, but the cool breeze still obvious by the use of out windproofs. It was only back at the car where there was shelter from the wind did we sit and sun bathe...abait not in the nude ;-)