Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Scotland April 2011

What with the good weather forecast for Scotland I decided a few more Munros needed bagging.

So here's a brief diary in reverse dates (don't ask why!):

02 May 2011 - The 4 Drumocter Munros.

Sgairneach Mhor
Beinn Udlamain

A fairly hilly, but not technical route. A long walk back along the road was boring. Lost my blue sunglasses on the Mhor.

01 May 2011 - Ben Alder group part 2.

Carn Dearg
Beinn Eibhinn
Aonach Beag

Cycled easily in to Culra in 75 minutes. It was cool and breezy at Glen level, but sunny, windy and coldish up top. Carn Dearg was a slog to get up through dried bogs, heather and stoney upper slopes. The rest was an easy hill walk. The descent from Beinn Eibhinn was a grind and would have been almost impassible after bad weather to reach the other sides main path to Culra.

30 April 2011 - Ben Alder group part 1

Ben Alder
Beinn Bheoil

Some of the estate housing on Loch Ericht.

After hearing many horror stories about how hard it is to access this group of 6 Munros on day trips I decided to try. I was suprised it only took 60 minutes to cycle to Culra bothy where I left my bike amongst many other mountain bikes. As it was windy I decided to stay safe and avoiding the scrambling on the north east ridges, which turned out to be a mistake as it would have saved about 1 hour on the route.

Ben Alder is behind me as I sit at the small loch.

29 April 2011

Beinn Dearg

Guide says it's a 10 hour route if done by foot. However I cycled most of the way and did the whole route in 5hrs 6 minutes. Almost an easy day! Very windy on top of mountain.

Resting in the small Bothy.

28 April 2011

Carn a'Chlamain

Cycled Glen Tilt. A beautiful ride from the Old Bridge of Tilt to Forest lodge. Parked bike at Forest Lodge and easily found the main zig zag footpath behind the wood. The Munro wasn't anything special but the cycling was glorious.

26 and 27 April 2011 Rest days

Bad blisters and aching ankle bone meant I decided on 2 days rest. Very bored.

25 April 2011

A'Bhuidheanach Bheag
Carn na Caim

A hard bulldozed track leads up to a rolling hill side. No problems as a track reach almost reaches both Munros. 

24 April 2011

Geal Charn

Strangely harder then many guide books suggest. If my foot problems hadn't been so hurtful I would have bagged another nearby hill.

23 April 2011

Carn Dearg
Carn Sgulain

From a single track road starting just outside Newtonmore, this is a big route. Today's weather started misty and drizzle, but later, on the last Munro bright sunshine came out. The vast majority of the route you just follow rusty fence posts, so you can't go wrong. Very stoney route hurt my ankle bone. 

The descent back to the car was long and hard.

22 April 2011

Carn Liath
Creag Meagaidh
Stob Poite Coire Ardair

A special place of natural beauty. There was lots of people on this route. A small gully was blocked by a snow field meaning I had to clamber around the slopes to avoid it. A long hard route, my ankle bone was hurting badly.

21 April 2011 - Beinn a'Ghlo

Braigh Coire Chruinn-bhalgain
Beinn a'Ghlo - Carn nan Gabhar
Carn Liath

A well known big round. Trust me to pick a harder then expected route on my first day in Scotland! Blisters soon developed and my ankle bone was hurting again after 7 hours. Long walk back. Horrible drive on single tracked road to Loch Moriag had long drops down side of Glen - gulp.